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    The success of our small business program can be directly attributed to our continued efforts to promote open dialogue with both private industry and government personnel. This is being done in several ways, most notably through our outreach and conferences that provide training to all Army acquisition personnel. Forums with government personnel provide an opportunity for us to discuss the most recent policies and procedures affecting the program with those responsible for implementing and awarding contracts. Outreach events and conferences with private industry personnel allow us to discuss how to conduct business with the Army.

    Additionally, our office staff members and our small business specialists support many other small business procurement conferences and fairs around the country to make sure that small business concerns have easy access to us. Check out our listing of upcoming procurement conferences for the site nearest you and our listing of information available on How to Do Business with the Government.

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    If you would like more information, please contact the Army OSBP Front Desk at 703-697-2868.

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